Our history

How it started

On January 12, 1965, Cosimo Lovecchio came as a tourist from Italy to Zurich. He worked in the tunnels of Freiburg im Breisgau  as a laborer. Following a professional reorientation, he found his vocation in the scaffolding business. Having started as a laborer, he quickly worked his way up to become a foreman.

On a trip to the region of Basel he took in 1969, he found employment at Franz Stocker AG as a scaffold erector. After fourteen and a half years as chief mechanic at Franz Stocker AG, Cosimo Lovecchio and two other shareholders founded the enterprise Lovecchio AG on September 6, 1983. Already in 1984, he bought all the shares and became the sole proprietor.

In 1989, many scaffolding companies started to sell their material, as the scaffolding business was no longer profitable. This was the right time for Cosimo Lovecchio to benefit from this, and he bought as much material as possible. At the end of 1989, he already owned 10,000 m² of scaffolding material.

For a long time, he had planned to transfer the business to his son Domenico Lovecchio one day. The latter started to become acquainted with the company after successfully completing his apprenticeship as a mason and acquiring some professional experience. When he finished a further education program to become a construction manager in 2002, Cosimo Lovecchio transferred the operational management of the company to his son.

The daughter of Cosimo Lovecchio, Tiziana Damasco, supported him in the administration of the company after successfully completing a commercial apprenticeship in 1995. Together with her brother Domenico Lovecchio, she has been leading the family business successfully until today. Cosimo Lovecchio is still in the background and is proud that the enterprise Lovecchio AG nowadays employs about 40 permanent staff members and owns more than 300,000 m² of scaffolding material.

Our enterprise is a member of the Association of Swiss Scaffolding Entrepreneurs (SGUV) and the Association North-West Switzerland of Scaffolding (VNG). Our enterprise further holds the PBK quality label for scaffolding companies of the Professional Parity Commission for the Swiss scaffolding industry.