Our services


No matter if it is

  • a façade
  • a surface or industrial scaffold
  • a suspended or a rolling scaffold
  • a painter’s or a roofer’s scaffold
  • a stair tower
  • emergency staircase
  • emergency roof
  • access to objects
  • flat roof railings
  • guard-rails or individual solutions,

we are your competent partner in scaffolding and will help you find the best solution for your project.

We appreciate all our projects, be it the scaffolding of a balcony, a detached house, an apartment building, bridges, skyscrapers or other objects. The right scaffold at the right time helps the planner and the executing staff to reach their objective fast and smoothly.

Our scaffolds comply with safety norms and are labelled with the producer’s indications. In case of special constructions, we know great engineers to consult by request. Scaffolding means collective protection, it provides protection and safety to everyone working on the building.

Scaffolding has always been pure fascination for us – how straight parts can become round, or the view from a scaffold which is unique and breath-taking. You cannot be closer to a building than if you are standing on a scaffold. From there, the world seems small and a new perspective is presented to you. Every scaffold is a small piece of art to us. Another fascinating fact is that on average, each of our scaffolders manipulates a ton of scaffolding material per day.

Regie Tarife 2019-2020 (German)


Executing masonry on behalf of our customers is our second area of expertise, one that we cultivate and appreciate.

Our masons execute many projects according to plans and thus need a good spatial imagination. They find their ways quickly on various building sites and are great teamworkers. They are physically adroit and handy, independent and reliable.

Construction elevators

We constantly evolve to meet the demands of our customers and be prepared for new challenges. We grow a little with each challenge we overcome. This is why we have been offering various construction elevators since 2013, too. They range from payloads of 500 kg to 2000 kg. Depending on the height of the installation, we can reach up to 120 m.

Construction elevators are a great relief for anyone working at the object. They transport workers quickly and safely up and down, and the material can also be transported faster and more health-sparingly to its destination.

A construction elevator must be used for heights exceeding 20m, for the protection of ergonomics and the health of people. A protective roof protects the workers from falling objects. Sliding doors on the construction elevator ensure they cannot be manipulated by strangers. Our construction elevators comply with the latest regulations on circulation and are checked for function, quality and safety each year.

Occupational safety

We are subject to the ordinance on construction works (Bauarbeitenverordnung, BauAV) which governs the regulations on safety and health protection of employees in the construction industry. In order to ensure the safety and the health protection, we conduct random internal checks at our construction projects. We verify whether the occupational safety and the scaffold quality are complied with. In case of deviance, our staff is immediately instructed and trained.

The implementation of the adjustments is subsequently checked.

By request, our safety officer is happy to support our project from the planning through the execution to the end of the construction. We do not only offer advice, but also scaffold checks and external trainings concerning occupational safety.