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Customer satisfaction

We trust you just as you trust us. All construction projects are welcome. To us, customer satisfaction is key, and we therefore attach great importance to a joint planning, organisation and execution of the construction project.

Misunderstandings can thus be avoided from the beginning and a good result can be achieved. We are always motivated to support you as your partner in the fields of scaffolding or masonry to reach the result you desire smoothly. We are characterized by reliability, enthusiasm and professionalism, and we also have a well-structured administration.

We complete every project fast, worry-free, professionally and at fair prices.


Safety comes first – be it the safety of our customers, our staff, of other construction workers or the public. Our team is therefore well trained to be able to execute their work professionally and safely even in the case of extreme demands and new challenges.

Owing to permanent trainings in various Swiss education centers and internal trainings, they further have expert knowledge and a good safety awareness.

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Motivated employees who are convinced that everyone contributes to the success of the common cause are the best prerequisite for a stable success. In our company, every single employee is therefore of high importance.

Our experienced foremen lead their subordinates in a clear and cooperative style in every construction project. Our staff know that their engagement is not only appreciated, but also rewarded.

Our fields of activity

Our operations are spread over several cantons in Switzerland. We are flexible, varied and ready for any and everything. Please consult us about your next construction project and convince yourself of our competences in many areas.

  • Aargau
  • Basel-Land
  • Basel-City
  • Bern
  • Jura
  • Luzern
  • Solothurn
  • Zurich

Our operation center

On July 1, 2013, we shifted our operation center to Augst where we have 10,300 m² at our disposal to store our constantly growing scaffolding material. It is here where every year, our scaffolding material is tested for its payload.

High quality and safety is crucial for us in every single construction project. Besides our construction elevators, we have more than 300,000 m² of scaffolding material with payloads of 200 to 450 kg/m².

The Autobahn A (exit Pratteln) is in close proximity to our operation center, a fact we benefit from, as we can reach building sites in both directions quickly.

Our office

Since March 1, 2011, our office is located behind the station SBB in the district of Gundeldingen in Basel-City. Due to this central position in Basel-City, we are easily accessible to both our staff and our customers.